Bon Vivant

Paris is my favorite city. There is just something about the absolute stunningly beautiful architecture and lighting in that place. The food, the language, (which still troubles me to speak) and the Seine all breathe and give pleasure. The Seine is dazzling and magnificent. No matter how many times I arrive at the quai to take a peek at the meandering river or cross over a pont to visit the left back; the Seine remains fascinatingly mysterious and calming to me. Tonight for some reason I began thinking about the Seine and Serge Gainsbourg. Why you might ask? I’m not sure myself. Maybe it’s because I will again be enjoying the pleasures of Paris in a few weeks and I always wanted to be a BON VIVANT. Paris is life for me. I will never tire of enjoying the simple pleasure of looking upon the Seine, or walking around the amazingly different arrondissements, or simply sitting at a cafe sipping on espresso watching the passers-by. I recommend having a space or place that gives you that pure unadulterated joy. Joy in all the glory and imperfections. Become a BON VIVANT. I’m still working on it. So in the meantime enjoy a little Serge Gainsbourg.

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