Joey Arias never disappoints and same goes for Debi Mazar! I really want to go out now for some reason. Simply divine.

I recently visited Paris and had the pleasure of seeing an exhibition from the photographer Erwin Olaf titled ‘Berlin‘. The collection of photographs and one very, for lack of a better description, interesting installation was a feast for the eyes. The photos were very vividly colored and slightly editorial in nature. This should have been expected since Olaf if known as a very accomplished fashion photographer, working with the likes of Gucci, Diesel and Levis’.  According to the press release the photographs deal with “the conflict between generations, between ignorance and knowledge.” It is well worth a visit if you are in Paris.

IMG_2613 IMG_2610 IMG_2599 IMG_2601 IMG_2603 IMG_2604 IMG_2605 IMG_2606 IMG_2607

Erwin Olaf  ‘Berlin’

Venue – Galerie Rabouan Moussion

121, rue Vielle du Temple, Paris

Until November 23rd 2o13

If you happen to be in London’s Shoreditch neighborhood make sure you stop by the shop A Child of the Jago. Opened in 2009 the shop is an ode to Victorian era London. In fact the name of the shop was inspired by a novel by Arthur Morrison who wrote about the Jago slums, which were located during the Victorian area around Arnold Circus, in Shoreditch. It’s a mix of amazingly edited and designed unique and unexpected clothing items. Although its focus is on menswear I am sure there are items that could be worn by the ladies as well.


A Child of the Jago

Great Eastern Street
London EC2A 3HS

When I was a wee kid my first exposure to Fashion, as in the industry of Fashion, was from a show that aired on CNN called Style with Elsa Klensch. I was so young at the time so I wasn’t able to understand how amazing the features and fashions were. I just knew it excited me. I watched every Sunday. I really miss fashion programs such as this. For this Friday I wanted to post a few clips I found on Youtube. I can’t believe how I am still so excited to watch these.

I have been recently very disturbed by what we now are calling supermodels. SInce the hayday in the 90s of the original supermodels the term has gone on to characterize other models who were less than “super”. I recently came across a picture of Cara Delevingne in which she was described as a “Supermodel.” Now don’t get me wrong I actually love her slightly tomboyish style, and while she is most certainly not ugly; a bit of makeup does not a supermodel make.


In the 90s there was Linda, Cindy, Naomi, Claudia and of course Christie. Not to mention Kate, Shalom, Stephanie etc, etc.

19571_1268871813542_1582250390_30651002_5948308_n 1991-Linda-Evangelista-3-400 tumblr_m8bbnaK8ly1r123pgo1_1280 naomi-campbell-20080102-357706 StephanieSeymourCindyCrawfordTatjanaPatitzChristyTurlingtonNaomiCampbellbyHerbRitts

I don’t know if you watched the video that Burberry released today confirming that current CEO Angela Ahrendts would be leaving the company for Apple and replaced by Christopher Bailey? I had a few thoughts which are below. Please take note Mr. Bailey.

1 – I’m not totally sure it’s an effective move to be Chief Creative Office and Chief Executive Officer, but hey give it a go.

2- Get rid of those damn Ipads at your retail stores. They are just not cool and also detracts from the actual presentation of real garments. Afterall you are supposed to be selling and promoting your own brand and not Apple.

3- Seems kind of strange that Angela is leaving for Apple after integrating their technology in a company with no ties to their brand.

4- Spend more time on the design. I have been consistently disappointed with both the womenswear and menswear Prorsum as of late. Shame because it was working so well a few years ago.

5- Good Luck, somehow I think you are going to need it.


Perestroika Boy


This week’s pick from the vault of nostalgia comes from Larry Clark the amazing director of one of the movies that changed my life, KIDS. KIDS is a movie about the perils of being a teen in the 90s. From what I remember it was quite controversial do to the rampant drug use and sexual nature of the work. I loved every bit of the 90s fashion, music and rawness. I miss those times. And also how can you not love this movie Chloe Sevigny stars in it, complete in her glory as ultimate 90s chick. She is my muse even to this day. Chloe get at me.


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